Leakage Testing (LT)


The Leakage Tests (LT) have the task to verify the sealing of vessels, when leakage of liquids is not acceptable (for example polluting fluids). The application field is the detection of small losses due to microcracks or porosity.

The used techniques can be divided into three groups:

  • The leakage speed measurement: it is a quantitative test, which evaluates the amount of the fluid that comes out;
  • The leakage spotting: it is a qualitative examination, aimed at identifying where the leak is localized;
  • The leakage speed monitoring: it is essentially a plant check.

In this field Metalprove S.r.l. adopts the Vacuum Box equipment, one of the most effective methods to check the sealing of a surface; it is a qualitative test, which can be applied when there are differences in pressures between inside and outside the container. The test surface is kept in a portable box, in which the vacuum is realized by means of a compressor. The application of a soapy solution allows to locate leaks by formation of bubbles.


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