Penetrant Testing (PT)


The Penetrant Testing (PT) is a Non-Destructive Examination fundamentally based on visual inspection of the test surface after first application of a penetrant product with high surface wettability properties, then a detector which is used to sharpen the contrast. In essence, the method spots open to the surface discontinuities, which can hardly be distinguished or even completely non-visible by the human eye.


  • Rather easy to use;
  • Applicable to many types of material;
  • Large surfaces can be inspected;
  • Ability to test complex geometry pieces;
  • The indications are directly observable on the test piece surface;
  • Extreme flexibility of the products;
  • Fairly limited testing cost.


  • Only discontinuities open to the test surface are detectable;
  • Material surface should be non-porous;
  • The preliminary cleaning is a critical step, since the presence of contaminants can affect the result;
  • All the stages have to follow specific procedures in order to ensure the greatest repeatability of the results;
  • Use of products that may be dangerous or harmful by contact, inhalation or ingestion;
  • Before the inspection some surface machining may decrease the examination sensitivity.

Metalprove S.r.l. has all the equipment required to perform the penetrant testing on many different applications, both by color contrast and fluorescent mode, and follows strictly European standard (EN ISO 3452-1, EN ISO 23277, EN 1371-1, EN 1371-2, EN 10228-2, EN 10246-11, etc.) and American references (ASME Sec. V, ASME Sec. VIII, ASTM E 165, etc.).


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