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Technical Advice

Through the work of an International Welding Engineer (I.W.E.), who is the highest level of qualification expected by the EWF (European Welding Federation) and the IIW (International Institute of Welding), Metalprove S.r.l. is able to offer the main welding coordination activities in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14731 standard:

  • The review of the project and the contract;
  • The selection and monitoring of welding processes;
  • The selection of base and filler material;
  • The implementation of appropriate management systems;
  • The verification of the correct implementation of manufacturing process;
  • The issue of the production documentation: Welding Books, Welding Procedure Specifications according to EN ISO 15609 or ASME Sec. IX, manufacturing and control plans, etc.

Furthermore, considering the complex reference standard documentation, Metalprove S.r.l. provides advice services for the implementation and fulfillment of several standard requirements, including:

  • Group of EN ISO 9692 about joint preparation;
  • EN ISO 13916 about guidance on the measurement of preheating temperature, interpass temperature and preheat maintenance temperature;
  • EN ISO 17662 about calibration, verification and validation of equipment used for welding, including ancillary activities;
  • Group of EN ISO 3834 about quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials;
  • Group of EN ISO 1090 about CE-Marking of steel and aluminum structural components and related technical requirements , etc.