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The welding processes are widely used to manufacture many industrial products and in some companies they are the most critical processing stage.

Because of the large number of variables (materials, geometries, procedures, personnel, etc.), it is not possible to predict with certainty which result, or rather which welded joint quality, will be actually achieved during production; therefore, in addition to the proper examination of the finished welding, it is needful to plan and check the operating conditions in the most careful way and to ensure the implementation of good industrial practice.

Welding has always been the main field of Metalprove’s work. The consolidated experience, the variety of items tested by N.D.E., the deep knowledge of defectology and questions of the melting processes have allowed to expand the traditional services offered by the company.

The aim is preventing wrong welding conditions, or correcting promptly the processes during the design or manufacturing phase, instead of merely recognizing too late that the joint does not have the desired characteristics by the final testing.

Accordingly, these are high value services to support the customers in all the welding activities.