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Welding Inspections

The criticality of the welding activities can be managed through the definition of appropriate process parameters; the documentation generally involves a series of inspections during all project stages, until the fulfillment and examinations of welded joints at the manufacturing phase and the final assembly. Therefore, the inspection purpose is to verify the full compliance of operating procedures with the established drawings and the qualification results. In addition, during the welding activities, the inspector has the opportunity to carry out the first and most immediate testing of the joints; in many cases it allows an effective judgment of the quality achieved. As an experienced inspection increases the reliability and safety of the final component, inspectors should be qualified for their tasks.

Metalprove’s inspection team is composed by certified welding inspectors with extensive experience in the construction of pipelines and industrial plants. The qualifications are issued by TWI Certification as CSWIP, and by the Italian Institute of Welding as International Welding Inspector (I.W.I.).