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The courses by Metalprove S.r.l. are the answer to the specific training needs of the companies. Training can be delivered in the classroom or directly at client’s premises, allowing to develop the skills required by the job and acquire all the necessary tools for professional growth.

Teachers are experts, auditors and trainers, and have a proven operational experience in addition to legal requirements, which lead to practical approach of the lectures and meet the needs of trainees.

The teaching materials are studied to be a useful guide and are provided as color slides used during the lessons. For some courses final exams are planned to verify the acquired competence and an attendance certificate is issued if the final test is passed.

Main courses of current year:

  • Welding Coordinator course

The Welding Coordinator is a professional expert in the welding field; he/she is responsible for organizational, executive, supervising and inspection activities as defined by EN ISO 14731. His/her main task is to improve the process operations for the minimum requirements compliance, managing the welding and non-destructive testing staff.

The course object is providing specialized training of responsible professionals for the activities of Welding Coordination, in order to examine all the typical tasks of a welding coordinator, including: the proper management of welding processes related to the Quality system; the contract review; the design review; the welded joints design; scheduling of production activities; the problems management about hygiene and safety in welding activities; the movement and storage management about materials and equipment; evaluation of use of machines and materials; the application and implementation of standards, codes and laws regarding welded constructions; the management of examinations and final tests to verify the fitting for use; issuing, management and archiving of documents.

  • Welder qualification course

The welder job requires the development of an adequate manual dexterity, knowledge of the items to be produced and the performance practice. For this reason Metalprove S.r.l. arranges a set of courses with the aim of providing the basic knowledge to carry out these activities, allowing the possibility of integrate customized training.

Metalprove S.r.l. offers a training program to obtain the welding basic skills through a course of mainly practical concept and suitable for those who want to start the welder job without previous experience, or for those who want to improve their skills and achieve a qualification nationally and internationally recognized.

Courses for covered electrodes (basic, acid, rutile, cellulosic, etc.) arc welding, wire electrode (solid, flux cored, metal cored, etc.) arc welding with inert (MIG) or active gas (MAG) or without shielding gas, gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) and oxyacetylene welding are available.